Between October 18-22, 2021, the Technological High School of Electronics and Telecommunications “Gheorghe Mârzescu” Iasi was the Erasmus + host for the project “Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage” for 12 teachers and 25 students from Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia and Portugal. The activity started with a game of knowing the participants in this mobility (Ice breaking games)

The activity continued with the presentation of our country, of the city of Iasi, with a Kahoot game about Romania and its cultural heritage. In the afternoon, he continued to know the city of Iasi, looking for patrimony objectives after a map and the preparation of answers in relation to those objectives. The next day we scheduled the school tour and an online spectacle.

Materials were made for the
digital map on the following
• Industrial Heritage
• Heritage from the Migrants
• Natural Heritage
• Heritage of Education
• Heritage of traditional

Our guests also enjoyed visiting some objectives of the cultural heritage of Iasi, visiting some objectives of the cultural heritage of Moldova, such as the Voronet Monastery, from the UNESCO heritage.

From the natural heritage, Bicaz Lake and the Bicaz Gorge.

The Museum of the Vama Egg, the intangible heritage

On a walk through the Botanical Garden:

Final day :