Aizkraukles Vocational Secondary School is an educational institution established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia for the implementation of vocational education programs. The school was established on September 1, 2011 by reorganizing two vocational education institutions – Aizkraukle Vocational Secondary School and Viesīte Vocational Secondary School. The school is a state-of-the-art educational institution based on the provision of high-quality knowledge, skills and competences in vocational and continuing education as well as the recognition of competences and skills acquired outside the formal education system. In accordance with the regulations and work organization, the study process is organized in three places of implementation of the programs.

School Vision – A school that is changing and evolving! It is one of the ten best vocational education institutions in Latvia, which prepares specialists for the automotive, metalworking, road construction and services sectors.

The mission of the school is to equip the labor market with demanded, competitive, qualified and motivated professionals who continue their education throughout their lives. Core values of the school – responsiveness, professionalism, unity. The main goal is to implement high-quality vocational education for personal development, human well-being and sustainable growth of the region, Zemgale region and Latvia. In order to successfully fulfill its vision, mission and goals, the School focuses its activities on a number of directions – development priorities.

The school offers education programs in the country and Zemgale region in demanded sectors: metalworking, road transport, woodworking, construction, services. The main activity of the school is vocational education and training of young people, but we are involved in adult and unemployed training. 2019/2020 During the school year, the school provides training in 6 educational programs, 12 qualifications, 25 groups, incl. 5 combined groups. At the end of 2019 total 357 learners attend school. The teaching staff consists of 63 persons, which are profession teachers, general subjects’ teachers and administrative staff.