October 1st, 2020:
• Representatives of project partners have met for the first time today. The partners were happy to meet each other. Each partner presented their schools.
• The pandemic situation and quarantine conditions in partner countries were discussed.
• The participants agreed to postpone the first mobility in Romania in a safer time when there is less risk of pandemic contamination.

November, 25th, 2020
The partners have had to meet online due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Although all teachers were far away from each other, the atmosphere of the meeting was warm enough to make decisions for the project:

• The coordinator presented the project and the details of the activities and the tasks that were planned in each country.

• It was confirmed by all partners that the coordinator HAYAL from Turkey will create a website, Marijampole VET Centre from Lithuania will create social Media account of the project.

• All partners will create logo and mascots proposals of the project and share on online partner folder to be voted during the next meeting on December 17th,2020. Each partner school will be represented by at least five students and a teacher.

• The partners will share their cultural heritage elements and avatars for games that could be used while creating “Digital Game” and “Digital Map”. The avatars are considered to be famous/important characters of the history in partner countries.

• Romania will lead in eTwinning activities.

• COVID-19 cases and the situation in partner countries were discussed during the meeting. Unfortunately, the first mobility which is supposed to be in Romani-Iasi has to be postponed because of the pandemic cases. The project partners will discuss the time according to the recent developments.

December 17th, 2020

We have had a meeting with our dear students. Five students and one teacher from each partner school attended the meeting.

• The coordinator presented the project, the activities and the tasks that were planned in each country.

• Representative students from each partner school presented their school and the tasks that they are responsible for. It was nice to see all participant students as digital ambassadors and they were happy to be the part of the project.

• The online voting procedure for both logo and the mascot of the project was explained by the coordinator.