Marijampole VET Centre is the biggest vocational institution in the South of Lithuania, taking in all 5 Municipalities of the region. The centre was made after joining up five independent Vocational Training schools, which nowadays function as five departments, preparing specialists of different kinds. They vary from secretaries, florists, cooks, waiters, bartenders in Services Department to specialists in the field of construction etc. The main activity of the centre is vocational education and training of young people, but we are involved in adult (orunemployed) training and re-training as well. Marijampole VET Centre has a Department in prison, where it is involved in training people who are serving their sentence. At present there are about 1350 students whose age varies from 15 to 20. The teaching staff consists of 229 persons, which are profession teachers and general subjects’ teachers. About 38 professional teaching programs are run at VET centre. Marijampole VET Centre is constantly involved in activities concerning raising literacy of our students. Marijampole VET Centre is a member of the EfVET and is part of many EU networks. Centre participated in about 80 international projects.

The centre of focus in policies of Marijampoles PRC is development qualifications of its staff, at the same time providing better opportunities for the students through participation in Erasmus+ mobility, strategical partnership projects. The staff of MPRC gained experience through participation in projects of various programmes of LLP, such as Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Nordplus Neighbour, KA1, KA2, DG COMM etc., and uses every possibility to share it with other actors of regional business market. The premises of the
Centre are renovated through successful implementation of ESF projects, as well as we participated in the project “Infrastructure of scientific, technological and art education”, implemented by the Ministry of Education of LT. With the help of this project we renovated IT equipment in our classrooms and laboratories of biology, physics, chemistry and design (art). We try to develop students’ capacities involving them in projects: Blue Ribbon for creativity in arts and history, ALCUINE- developing reading capacities, YSE- teaching GREEN energy.

The school has a opportunities to contribute in creating video in terms of the project. The experienced staff and the students create short movies for the school when needed so, they are considered to be suitable partner for the project