PORTUGAL-Board Game  (31 January – 4 February) 

     The meeting took place in Mangualde, Portugal between 31 Jan-4 Feb 2022.
     Greeting the partners continued with the ice breaking activities to create better communication among the students.
     Due to pandemic spread, as it was agreed in previous meetings, all the partners had provided necessary information from their countries before the mobilities.
     The students and the teachers were shown the mechanics of the Board Game and all the participants shared their ideas of the points which need to be improved.
    First, one group played the game in front of all participants to remind and show the rules. Then the students were divided into groups with different nationalities to play the game so that they would learn the rules and play the game at their own schools and teach their pears.
     All project partners were safely transported to Viseu, Coimbra, Douro Valley, Porto to experience
tangible and intangible heritage of Portugal. The participants also had chance to have information
about how “cheese” and “wine” produced in the region.

"Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage”


                             Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils, 3rd meeting of the project in Mangualde – Portugal

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

DAY 5:

DAY 6:

DAY 7:

Jan. 30, 2022 SUNDAY
Arrivals of the partners

Jan. 31, 2022 MONDAY
08:30 – Greeting the partners
09:00 – Mangualde oriented discovery (with Ice breaking activities)
10:30 – Arrival to School – Institutional opening
11:00 – Board Game draft presentation, mechanics and how to play.
11:30 – Questions/debate about improvements
12:00 – Each partner country will introduce the boardgames used in lessons in
their countries
13:00 – Lunch (at school)
14:00 – Visit to Palácio dos Condes de Anadia
16:00 – Visit to a traditional cheese production workshop

Dinner & free time

Feb. 01, 2022 TUESDAY

09:00 – Departure to Coimbra’s Cultural Heritage Sites
10:30 – Visit to “Portugal dos Pequeninos” – wide overview of Portuguese
monuments, as well as colonial ones.
12:30 – Lunch (Food court of Coimbra Forum Mall)
14:00 – Visit to Coimbra University (including “Biblioteca Joanina”)
19:30 – Group Dinner

Feb. 02, 2022 WEDNESDAY
09:30 –Playing of the Board Game with mixed teams

11:30 – Analysis of the playability and improvement suggestions.
12:45 – Lunch (at school)
14:00 – Departure to Viseu’s Historical Sites
18:00 – Free Time and Dinner at “Palácio do Gelo” Mall

Feb. 03, 2022 THURSDAY

08:00 – Departure to the Douro Valley’s Cultural Heritage Sites
09:00 – Visit to city of Lamego
11:00 – Douro Museum
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Visit to Pinhão
19:30 – Dinner

Feb. 04, 2022 FRIDAY

07:30 – Daily trip to Porto and its historical sites
Evaluation and certificate ceremony

Feb. 05, 2022 SATURDAY
Departures of the partners