Bursa Hasan Ali Yücel Anatolia High School is a state school with 55 teachers and 830 students between 15-18 years old. It is located in a campus of five schools in the centre of Bursa which is the fourth biggest city in Turkey. So, it is easy for us to reach over four thousand students and three hundred teachers around us.

We have experienced staff most of whom have been teaching for over twenty years. As well as educational field, we also have successful teams in Sports and Art projects.

As a project team, we have joined local, regional and international projects.
Our school has run Erasmus+ project as coordinator or partner. The project team is familiar with international collaborations.

Bursa Hasan Ali Yücel Anatolia High School has the students between 15-18. Besides studying for a higher education, they are highly interested in languages and different cultures. After taking part in international projects, our students are looking forward to have new experiences and this motivates both teaching and administrative department very much.

Our school organizes debates, Model United Nation (MUN) activities which make them aware of the worldwide problems. The topics that they discuss during the activities are the popular ones which have become a real problem throughout the world.

Beside their educational support, the academic staff always encourage students for the projects. Campaigns, celebrations of important events are always introduced in or school.

Like many schools around us, we have migrant students and we give importance for the integration of them among the native ones. Our students have always been in youth activities and charities which make them be aware of the problems around