Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage

Escolas de Mangualde hosted the project “Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage” between January 31st and February 4th. This mobility brought to Mangualde a total of 10 teachers and 24 students from Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey.

The activities have begun with a walk through the city of Mangualde, visiting some important spots while some “ice-breaking” were developed along it.

With the first stage completed, activities continued at school where the board game was presented and debated for some improvements.

To finish the first day, we’ve visited a local heritage site, Palácio dos Condes de Anadia, in Mangualde.

In another session the board game was finished and played. After that every delegation was given a complete set of the board game to take and to use at each school.

To complete the activities, several cultural heritage sites were visited, some of them being part of the Unesco World Heritage, like Coimbra, Douro region and Porto, as well as some non-catalogued places like Viseu and the handcrafted “Serra da Estrela” cheese production.

Serra da Estrela cheese production and tasting



Douro region