The 5th meeting took place at the period of the 25th of April till the 29 of April, 2022.


During the first day, Turkish, Portugal, Romanian and Lithuanian teams visited the VET school and had information about facilities and activities available here, as well as the history of school. 

A brief information was given to the participants at the beginning of the workshop about creating  a video for VR glasses so that they were able to acquire the knowledge about what  it is, how to make it, what equipment is needed, because creating such a video is quiet new technology and only few people know it.

The teams had the opportunity to participate in an ice-breaking sport activity called „Fool`s ten”, which is a traditional and popular school`s entertainment. During the dinner party, the host school`s band „Roses and Chains” performed Latvian songs and the students showed some traditional dance figures.

All students had a tour around the town Aizkraukle, then teams visited Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is one of the biggest in Europe and very important industrial heritage element. The tour continued with the visit of Aizkraukle history and art museum, as well as, its permanent exhibition „Soviet Era; The participants were told interesting historical facts about Aizkraukle and its region, which was founded by Russian migrants.

A trip was organised to see Gauja National park and its historical centre – town Siguldawhich is the largest and the oldest national park in  Latvia; the centre of nature, cultural, historical tourism from the 19th century. The participants saw Sigulda Livonian Order castle, Turaida castle, Krimulda Manor and church; walked along Sigulda trails. During the visits, the technical team kept shooting to create a video for VR Glasses with 360° camera.

The teams travelled to the west of Latvia to town Kuldiga. On the way to Kuldiga, the participants had a stop at Kemeri bog. The bog is unique by its untouched nature; it is a home to a lot of species of birds and wildlife. Kuldiga is famous for its well-preserved historical centre,which dates back to 16th century. The teams had the opportunity to see there the Venta River`s 240-meter wide natural waterfall (Ventas rumba), which is the widest in Europe.

The participants were accompanied by the teacher Renars the whole week, filming with special camera for creating videos for VR glasses, so on the last meeting day he presented an example how video would look like in the end.

The mobility ended up with the tour to the capital city – Riga, which, of course, is the main historical and cultural heritage site in Latvia. The participants walked around Riga historical centre, saw there a lot of old churches and cathedrals, had a stroll along Art Nouveau Street, because Riga is famous for this architect style.