November 28,2021

2nd meeting of the Project was held in Bursa, Turkey. We were really excited and happy to welcome our partners.


On 29th of November we met with our partners in our school, Bursa Anatolian High School. Ice breaking games and Street games were played. 

We evaluated digital UNESCO map which was made in the previous meeting in Romania.We had lunch in our school. Then we had treasure hunt activity related to the CulturaLHeritage in Mihraplı Park in the afternoon. 


On 30th November, we had a meeting in which we presented avatar choices, cities, buildings and determined the language, design and the name of the digital game. Our schools ICT teacher presented and gave a course on how to increase the software and coding about digital games.


1stDecember-in the morning we went to Cumalıkızık which is a cultural heritage site in Bursa. then we went to İznik (Nicea) where we had lunch. We visited a workshop about pottery and tile painting. We visited museums old walls of Nicea city. 


2nd December in the morning we visited the museums in Merinos (Industrial heritage, traditional life style and immigrants’ heritage). We had lunch on the way to Uludağ in Bursa).

In the evening farewell party was held. And dinner accompanied by live music on the last day was very entertaining and lively. We had a great and unforgettable time with all the partners.

On the last day- 3rd December -a daily trip to İstanbul was made. Historical Peninsula was visited by a guided tour. Our partners stayed in İstanbul

On 4th December, Saturday all partners left Turkey. The following meeting will be held in Portugal.