Board Game

                                                                  Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage

For 2 to 5 Players/Teams

The Board has 2 areas. The first one has 5 pathways, which only allow for one player/team at a time. The second area is common to all players, and it will require a double and a triple correct answer to progress.

To progress the 5 levels (one for each country) in the 5 pathway area. To win the game, a player/team must answer correctly the double (two in a row) and triple (three in a row) question levels.

Gameboard, Question and Answer cards, 1 six-sided Digital Ambassadors of Cultural Heritage Trivia die and 5 pawns.

Each Player/Team selects one pawn and rolls the die. The country letters on the die will set the first level country, defining the
column where they should play. Only one player can be placed in each column, so if it is already taken the die must be rolled again. Getting the Ambassadors’ logo, will allow any player/team to choose any available column to play. The first player/team to get the logo will also be the first to play, after which the order of play will follow around the table clockwise. Should no logo be awarded, the first to play will be the player/team on the left most column.

After the setup rolls, each player will be placed on a country flag/image. Before each play the die should always be rolled and
the player in action answers the question on the card picked by the player on his left. After each question the card goes back to the top of the pile. If the result of the die roll is the Ambassadors’ logo, the players’ pawn should be moved to the same logo in the level that is being played. If the result presented by the die is the country of the level that is being played, the pawn should move two slots (if the first slot is the Ambassadors’ logo, it stays there).
Any other die rolling result implies a one slot pawn movement. A player/team’s turn will end when an answer is incorrect, or when a new level is achieved (every flag/image of a country achieved is a moment to change the player in action). In every numbered slot the question asked is set by the die result. In the Ambassadors’ slots, the question must refer to the country of the level being played. In the double and triple question, the die will be rolled, defining which question to use. If the Ambassadors’ logo comes up, only one or two answers will be required (the double becomes single and the triple becomes double) and the player can choose the country of the questions to use (before the card pick). When the double question level is complete the turn will change. The game ends with the completion of the triple question level.